WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! For today's giveaway challenge we have a follow along meditation. Turn it on for a quick 3:00 meditation OR meditate on your own. Sometimes we wish for everything outside of ourselves to be easier or different. Less irritating, stressful, chaotic etc. what I want to challenge with this is your resilience. When we have built up resilience in our minds we are in control of our peace. Building resilience to stress starts in the mind. How to Enter: Comment a picture or video on this post When: You have one week to enter the giveaway and get your meditation in. Bonus: I want to challenge everyone to do this every day this week and post a pic after each meditation. I'll be looking lets hold eachother accountable. What: You are entering in to win our new joggers! Our lucky winner will choose Red or charcoal

Posted by Kelsea CVG at 2023-09-28 15:06:03 UTC