Exciting News! As you know the CVG community is so much more than leggings. This community of supportive women is unmatched and we continue to strive to bring value to your life with the mission to all live a happier healthier life. Our community started by giving away some workouts and some leggings, so as of 7/31 we are switching things up!! The daily leggings giveaway will now be the CVG community challenge. This will be a weekly opportunity to participate for a chance to win a CVG gift card. Challenges will vary including free workouts, mobility, CVG missions, and community building activities. We will be filling your cup taking care of our bodies, mind, spirit (and closet) for free in the free leggings subgroup every week led by the CVG team. You will be able to enter in the giveaway right on the post every week, so stay tuned for the first challenge starting Thursday Aug 3rd. We are so excited to continue to provide value for you just being here with us. You ladies are changing the word let’s make sure to take care of ourselves along the way.🖤 What challenges would you like to see??👇

Posted by Kelsea CVG at 2023-07-28 19:44:55 UTC